Buying a villa in Orlando

Buying A Villa In Orlando

For those buying a villa in Orlando like this one we can help

For a Florida villa purchase we can help you buy one just like this

A Florida villa purchase like this is easy, renting it out is not. We can provide help, advice and guidance







Renting Out Your Florida Villa


Buying a villa in Orlando

Before buying a villa in Orlando is renting it out something you need or just would like to do?  Before making your Florida villa purchase, this consideration should form a key part of your decision - particularly if renting it out is how you intend to finance your purchase.  If it is, then your Florida villa purchase should be where you know there is a rental market.  Are short-term rentals allowed, or do you want longer-term rentals (or leases)?  How are you going to position your business in the marketplace?   Who are your potential customers?  How are you going to segment your market and how are you going to target them?   What budget will you have to do this?  How much can you afford?  How are you going to maximise this expenditure - i.e. get 'bangs for bucks'?


Free Villa Purchase Help, Advice and Guidance


Researching the purchase concept

For people buying a villa in Orlando or anywhere in Florida, it is all too familiar a story.  We have seen it happen to many.  People buy, it becomes a financial noose around their necks and then they sell up at a loss.  Don't fall in to this trap.  It is easily done.  Villa property companies make it sound very easy.  Buying IS easy, but renting your villa or condo out to meet your commitments IS NOT.  Do your homework first.  From villa rental magazines, phone a few owners.  Get a perspective on things, ask for their views and how much time it takes to manage their properties.  Ask questions such as;

  • "If you knew then what you know now would you still have bought your holiday villa?"

  • "Having gone through the process, what would you have done differently?"

  • "What information did you not receive that, if you had got it would have made things easier?".

Remember, if you intend to rent out your villa to finance your purchase or to produce an income stream, the considerations are no different from setting up and starting any type of business - because, in effect, this is exactly what you are doing.

Pre-purchase considerations

We can provide you with help, advice and assistance.   Firstly we will run through all the pre-purchase considerations, marketing advice and information and help you with costings.  If you then still believe you can make a success of it and want to buy a property we can help you with this too, if you would like us too.  We can help with free accommodation, introduce you to the people we used or currently use (and always have used) e.g.

  • our 'buyer's agent' (solicitors are not used in the US for property purchase) who in turn will introduce you to a mortgage consultant if required

  • provide the name and address etc. of our tax accountant (he is a self-employed tax accountant and not a large company so your tax preparation costs will be much cheaper)

  • provide an introduction to the management company that manages our villa

  • Provide an introduction to a US Bank (our own Bank Manager) to open an account.

Remember, this important point! Buying a villa in Orlando is easy it is the renting out that is not!


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 Buying A Villa In Orlando


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