Adventure holidays and activity vacations - skiing in Austria, Italy, France and the Alps, big game hunting, 
trekking and safaris. Holidays for the adventurous and not the faint-hearted!

Adventure Holidays and Activity Vacations


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This page provides links for adventure holidays and activity vacations - from skiing, big game hunting, trekking to safaris.  You will find an array of choice here.

Whatever your travel needs, you'll probably find it in one of our links pages - please see our main Travel Links page for all our travel related links.



Cheap Skiing Holidays - Directory listing websites with loads of information on ski chalets, skiing resorts, ski trips and skiing holidays.

Ski Holidays and European Skiing - A specialist directory of providers of European skiing holidays and snowboarding trips, listing hotels and chalet accommodation.

JMT African Heart Expeditions - Luxury and budget safaris in Tanzania - horseback safaris, motorbike and mountain bike safaris - cultural trekking - Kilimanjaro climbs - Zanzibar holiday.

Hunting Safaris in Tanzania - Tanzania has the finest wildlife habitat in Africa. It is still quite possible to enjoy a traditional tented safari as the famous hunters of old times did many years ago.

Big Game Hunting in Tanzania - Hunting safaris in Masailand (Tarangire and Lake Natron area) and in the Selous Game Reserve.

Africa Royal Trekking - Your specialist in Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru trekking, Tanzania.

ecoBotswana - Experience authentic African wilderness in the company of responsible experts - from elephant back safaris to photographic workshops, from game viewing to cultural tours.

Skiing Holidays Austria - Your best online resource for finding the best cheap Austria skiing holiday deals.

Whale Watching Tours - Experience exciting whale watching tours and trips, sea kayaking in Baja and kayaking in the Sea of Cortez.

Short Skiing Breaks - Find the best short skiing breaks here.

Ski Holiday in Soldeu - Use this online directory to find the best prices and special offers for a fantastic ski holiday in Soldeu Andorra.

Skiing Holidays in Switzerland - Your best online resource for finding the best cheap Swiss skiing holiday deals.

Florida Theme Parks Holiday - Want to visit the world famous attractions and theme parks of Florida? This directory can help you find the best deals and all the information you need.

France Activity Holidays- Find the best value France adventure and activity holiday packages, accommodation deals, and travel information here.

Last Minute Ski Holiday - Book your last minute ski holiday to thousands of destinations and resorts on this directory. Buy your tickets online for that quick getaway.

European Train Travel - Read the information on this directory on luxury train travel to European and worldwide destinations.

US Snowboard Holiday Deals - The best America skiing holidays here.

Trekking Holiday - Adventure activity and extreme sports weekends from tour operators, agents and activity centres.

Galapagos Tours - Columbus Travel Ltd. is an Ecuadorian company with Norwegian Management. Our company is rated among the top three companies on Galapagos by Top Adventure Tours. We are one of the major travel agencies in Ecuador with an average of 3000 passengers each year.



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