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For cheap Disney vacations book this luxurious 5-bedroom home


For Orlando villas in Tuscan Ridge - a 5-bedroom luxury home


For your Disney holidays - this villa, the 'Mouse House', is only 12 minutes from the theme parks



 Cheap Disney Vacations

The best way to get Cheap Disney vacations in Orlando is to miss out the travel agent and book direct with the villa provider - such as ourselves!  You will probably find it a lot harder to find any Cheap Disney vacations staying at an on-site resort.  For a lot less money you need not be cramped up in one or two rooms - a villa provides you with plenty of room and your own private pool!


Orlando Rental Villas For Your Disney Holidays

There are many Orlando rental homes available for short-term rental for Disney holidays, so why do people endure cramped hotel rooms or Disney accommodation when they could have a lot more space and comfort in a vacation home?  Possibly because, being on the doorstep of the parks, they are transported to them free, are allowed in about an hour earlier and therefore do not need to hire a car.  But is it really free when you are actually paying a far higher price for the accommodation? 


If you want to spend the whole of your vacation just at the Disney parks then booking our Orlando rental homes are probably not for you.  But do remember, the parks are tiring - do you really want to spend everyday queuing?  Doing other things will help you unwind and relax.  For example, seeing the other many wonderful things in the Orlando area, shop or spend a day relaxing on one of Florida's magnificent golden sandy beaches.




Attractions and Shopping


Your Disney vacations should be about maximising your stay in Florida.  On your  vacation you will want to visit other attractions such as Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and Daytona Beach - won't you?  What about dinner shows such as Arabian Nights and Medieval Times, and other night life activities such as Church Street Station, City Walk and Downtown Disney? 


Attraction tickets can be purchased at a discounted price.  These are priced in US Dollars and can be purchased direct through the ticket agent we use. 


If you are from the UK then you will want to make the most of the inexpensive shopping at the outlets and malls. There are many bargains to be had, particularly on clothes and trainers - so shop until you drop!


The Freedom of Orlando Rental Homes

  Orlando rental homes give you freedom. Freedom to go where you please, when you please.  You will also have a whole villa to relax in, a private pool to enjoy.  By self-catering you will save even more.   
Booking your villa, flights, car hire and attraction tickets individually could save you a lot of money.  This 'vacation of a lifetime' is well within many people's budget if they care to do all the bookings themselves and cut out the middleman - the travel agent.  After all they are not doing it for free!  Pocket the travel agent's commission yourself!
So what are you waiting for - seize the day - and go to the most exciting destination in the world.  Cheap Disney vacations are awaiting you!
  For more details about our luxurious villa and to see a virtual tour click the 'Home Page' link below or the virtual tour link above the photos at the top of this page.  






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